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ASSIST takes a unique, innovative approach to help migrants empower their own communities. We offer Employee Assistance Program (EAP) training for migrants to become EAP-certified counselors; since 2019, we have successfully trained over 35 migrant women. Our partnership with EZN Wellness, an EAP training and certification center in Seoul, allows us to provide professional training and certification courses. While some migrants opt to find employment elsewhere following certification, many also choose to stay with us. They become part-time, paid counselors who lead online support groups for migrants.


We realize that migrant support groups offer something that psychologists and psychiatrists cannot— rapport.  Migrants often share strong connections with each other based on similar cultural backgrounds, experiences, and languages. Our current cohort of counselors speaks over 7 languages and comes from more than 8 different countries.


We simply assist migrants in empowering their own communities. 

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